Our Communications Antennas

At JEM we offer a variety of communications antennas, each tailored to meet a specific need. In this article, we reintroduce some of our comms antennas.

Handheld Communications Antennas – Our high-power antennas are ground plane independent. The ruggedized, weather-resistant JEM‐9051 is just one of the handheld communication antennas we designed. Nicknamed “The Power Ducky”, it is a flexible whip antenna covering 90 – 512 MHz with 25 W CW of power handling. This antenna is designed for low‐profile and man‐portable wideband communications using high power amplifiers.

JEM-9051 | Frequency Band:  90 – 512 MHz | VSWR: 1 (typical) | Polarization: Vertical, Linear | Gain:  ‐20 dBi to 0 dBi  | Power: 25 Watts CW

Communications Antennas: JEM-9051


+ High Power Handheld Antenna

+ Ground Plane Independent

+ Class Leading Gain & Pattern

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QHA-081| Frequency Band: 800-1000 MHz | VSWR: <2.0:1 | Polarization: Circular, RHCP | Gain: >8dBi | Power: 25 Watts CWIn-building Communications Antennas  – One of our antenna products’ common features is versatility. The QHA-081 right-hand Helix Antenna is circularly polarized, operating at frequencies 800-1000 MHz. Aside from in-building communications, this antenna is suitable for multiple wireless applications.

Communications Antennas: QHA-081


+ Circularly Polarized

+ Designed for in-building communications

+ Suitable for Multiple Wireless Applications

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Communications Antennas – Another versatile antenna is the UVW-1547, a UAV and vehicular qualified antenna is designed for ground-to-ground, ground-to-air, and air-to-ground communications systems. This antenna is optimized for the L, S, and C-band downlinks with low drag operations. The antenna is also optimal for SIGINT and sensor systems.

UVW-1547 | Frequency Band:  1500 – 4700 MHz | VSWR: < 3.0 : 1 | Polarization: Vertical, Linear | Gain:  0 dBi (Boresight) 3.3 – 9 dBi (+20°) | Power: 10 Watts CW

Communications Antennas: UVW-1547

Designed for Ground‐to-Ground,Ground‐to‐Air, and Air‐to‐Ground Communications Systems

+ Suitable for SIGINT, ISR, and Sensor Systems

+ Optional magnetic mount or tubular chassis mounting assembly

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Satellite (SATCOM) Communications Antennas – We have developed a number of antennas used for satellite communications, many of which can also be mounted onto a vehicle’s or an aircraft’s surface with no degradation to the pattern or VSWR. The HSA‐2438LP, also known as the “Low-Profule MUOS SATCOM Antenna” is a hybrid spiral antenna operates on 240 – 380 MHz. It can be flush mounted on a vehicle or airborne surface and its pattern is designed for uniform gain overhead to 40 degrees in elevation.

HSA-2438LP | Frequency Band:  240 – 380 MHz | VSWR: < 1.5 : 1 | Polarization: Vertical, Linear | Gain:  3 dBic, overhead   | Power: 50 Watts CW

Communications Antennas: HSA-2438LP


Flush mountable for low visibility

+ Ground Plane Independent

+ Optional Clamp Mounts for Quick Connect in All-Terrain Vehicle Operation

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More about JEM Engineering

JEM Engineering’s team boasts over 150 years of combined experience, allowing them to take an antenna concept all the way through to full-scale production. All JEM’s antennas are qualified and tested in-house at their facility in Laurel, MD.