Custom Engineering Antenna Development

UHF Monocone AntennaFor quick turnaround custom antenna engineering with 100% satisfaction guarantee, partner with JEM Engineering. We offer custom antenna products, development, and testing services using our in-house rapid prototyping and testing facilities from 2 MHz to 40 GHz, including a tapered far-field anechoic chamber and a high-speed spherical near to far-field anechoic chamber.

Antenna Engineering

With expertise in quick-reaction custom antenna development, novel antenna products, and rapid RF testing services for both government and commercial applications, the engineers at JEM have decades of combined experience in the development and validation of antennas, microwave circuits, phased arrays and associated electronics.

Custom Antenna Development

JEM Engineering’s extensive antenna development experience allows us to design, build and validate custom antennas for a variety of applications. Some of the types of antennas we specialize in include:

  • Broadband Antennas – These antennas operate over a wide band of frequencies such as spirals, log-periodic dipoles and Vivaldi notch elements.
  • Narrowband Antennas – These antennas operate over narrow bandwidths, including patch and resonant cavity antennas.
  • Genetic Antennas – These antennas are designed by a computer based on an optimization algorithm, such as a genetic algorithm or some other iterative method.
  • Array Antenna & Beamformers – An array antenna consists of multiple radiating elements sometimes fed by a corporate power divider or beamformer.
  • Housings, Assemblies, and Structural Components – These are the mechanical components created to support electrical designs, and can range from simple enclosures, to protective covers, to mounting hardware, to moving mechanical structures.

The JEM Difference

JEM’s commitment to quality is instilled throughout every area of the company, from front-desk operations to prototyping, and we continue to grow our network of quality and compliance professionals.

Our transparent quality policy is met by:

  • Meeting our customers’ requirements and expectations;
  • Continually improving our product, striving to ship defect-free products;
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system; and
  • Maintaining a motivated and highly skilled team.

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