Product Spotlight: The MultiBand Airborne ISR Antenna

JEM Engineering’s MBA product line consists of multi-band antennas that are suitable for airborne and ISR applications. These flight-qualified antennas are shock and vibration tested according to RTCA DO-160G standards.


One of our newest additions to the MBA product line, the MBA-0202 is an antenna array with two output ports. It has excellent low frequency performance and operates at frequencies between 650 to 1050 MHz, as well as 1500 to 2750 MHz. Additionally, with its 2-inch thickness, this array is mounted behind a pod, blister, or panel on an airborne platform.


Even with its comparatively simpler, box-like appearance, the MBA-0203 has all the functionality of the MBA-0202, plus a third output port and an additional frequency range of 3600 to 5900 MHz. The low-profile array is also 2 inches thick and mountable onto an aircraft.

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