At JEM, we know that great performance in the lab is only valuable if you can get great performance in the field. We offer many products that have been tested and qualified to be able to survive and perform under strenuous environmental conditions.

We use a combination of our own internal testing facilities and external testing partners to qualify products to RF specifications and environmental standards such as MILSTD 810 and RTCA/DO-160. We also have capabilities to use advanced software to simulate in-situ performance without the need to run a physical test.

In-house testing capabilities include:

  • Radiation Patterns
  • Antenna Gain (Peak, Average, max linear, min linear, H and V)
  • Axial Ratio
  • VSWR and Return Loss
  • Antenna Efficiency
  • Human Body interaction effects with radiating device
  • Temperature effects

Our testing partners offer:

  • Shock/Vibration effects
  • Temperature/Humidity effects
  • Altitude effects
  • Corrosion effects
  • Fungus/Mold effects
  • Dust/Wind
  • And More!