JEM Engineering is a company that is on the cutting edge of antenna and RF technologies, and is continually pushing forward to improve and develop new technology and methodologies.

Our low cost phased array designs support the Department of Defense in performing Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) missions with airborne platforms that require physically compact but very wide band antenna elements and arrays.

JEM also has SBIR-funded programs to develop artificial magneto-dielectric materials to enhance bandwidth of antenna structures embedded in the newest composite armor designs. One of our key teammates in this technology is the University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials.

New magneto-dielectric composites have been designed to realize a lightweight, ultra-small (14” x 14” x 2.7”) FLTSATCOM antenna that covers the entire 240 – 320 MHz band. The radiation efficiency of this design is greater than 50% and no tuning is required.






Low-Cost Phased Array
Ballistic Protection
Anisotropic Artificial Materials
Genetic Algorithm Optimization

SIGINT/ISR Technology

Airborne ISR



Ultra-Wideband Technology


Embedded Comms
Ruggedized Laptop WLAN Technology

Ruggedized Laptop WLAN

Ruggedized Laptop WLAN Technology

L & UHF Armor Panel Demo


Satellite Comms
Ballistic Radome Win-T Compatible Technology

Ballistic Radome Win-T Compatible

Electrically Small Antenna Technology

Electrically Small

(US Patents 6,075,485 & 6, 567,048)

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