About JEM Engineering

We develop and validate antennas and antenna systems for government and commercial applications.

JEM Engineering is a 100% woman owned engineering firm, which specializes in quick-reaction antenna development and novel antenna products, covering a spectrum from 2 MHz to 40 GHz. At our in-house rapid prototyping facilities, we manufacture cutting-edge antenna products and provide our customers with custom solutions. Additionally we boast two separate anachoic testing chambers for rapid radio frequency (RF) testing.

Our Mission

We are an antenna engineering company devoted to designing, rapid prototyping, manufacturing products, as well as testing radio frequency bands to deliver high quality custom antenna solutions.

Our Vision

We will always deliver excellence in quality custom antenna solutions through dedication, innovation and modern technology to all military and commercial purposes.

Custom Antenna Development

Specializing in the development of unique antennas, our antenna design experience includes:

  • Broadband Antennas
  • Narrowband Antennas
  • Genetic Antennas
  • Antenna Arrays and Beamformers
  • Housings, Assemblies, and Structural Components
  • Magnetic Flux Channel Antennas
  • Active Electronic Steered Arrays

Cutting-Edge Antenna Products

We develop and manufacture products suitable for a variety of military and commercial applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Manpack
  • Direction Finding
  • Satellite Communications
  • Surveillance
  • Signal Intelligence
  • Multi-Band Communications
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

In-House Rapid Frequency Testing

Our fully operational tapered far-field anechoic test facilty (TATF) measures operating frequencies from 80MHz to 40GHz.

Additionally, our high-speed spherical near-to-far-field (SNF) anechoic chamber measures operating frequencies from 400MHz to 6GHz.

Our approach at JEM is both competitive and unique.

Not only do we deliver quickly, we also extend our full 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers on all of our products, as well as our services.

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