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Rapid RF Testing at JEM Engineering

JEM's spherical RF test chamber is the fastest facility available for full 4 pi steradian data collection!

JEM’s spherical RF test chamber is the fastest facility available for full 4 pi steradian data collection!

At JEM we understand the challenges facing antenna, microwave and communication system engineers, and we realize that accurate measurement of antenna electrical performance is critical. That’s why we offer a range of rapid antenna testing services from 80 MHz to 40 GHz.

JEM houses multiple RF test chambers at our facility in Laurel, MD, within easy reach of both Baltimore and Washington DC. Customers testing at JEM have the advantage of working with our knowledgeable and experienced RF technicians and engineers, who provide guidance and support to the testing experience and can assist with data analysis and interpretation.

Data files are available in a variety of easy-to-handle formats, and can be processed using software such as MATLAB®, MathCAD® or EXCEL®. JEM can also generate a variety of useful reports and plots, including 3D radiation patterns for data collected using our Spherical Near-Field (SNF) Chamber.

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330x383tacKey Features & Benefits

  • Complete tests in minutes instead of days
  • Frequency ranges from 80 MHz to 40 GHz, covering standards such as Bluetooth™, WiFi, WiMAX, GPS, cellular, and more!
  • Capabilities including:
    • Radiation patterns
    • Antenna gain and efficiency
    • Axial ratio
    • Human body interaction effects
  • Multiple test chambers to fit your needs
  • Variety of data format options, including:
    • 2D and 3D Radiation patterns
    • Swept gain and efficiency
    • ASCII data
  • Data can be saved directly and securely to a customer’s own hard drive on-site
  • Convenient to Dulles International, BWI, and Reagan Washington National airports

In-Situ Testing reveals real-world interaction effects



Steered Array 3D Pattern Plot

Far-field Test Chamber

Our Promise

  • To safeguard all customer designs and test data (kept under lock and key);
  • To provide the best value of high accuracy in antenna testing; and
  • To provide experienced test technicians and antenna engineers to lend technical guidance on configuration and data interpretation.

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